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Report: Gov. Justice appoints Mark Sorsaia as Secretary of Dept. of Homeland Security


The Department of Homeland Security performs several unique missions in its service to the State of West Virginia

Homeland Security

Homeland Security Advisor (HSA).
The Cabinet Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security serves as the Homeland Security Advisor (HSA) for West Virginia. The HSA is responsible for coordinating, designing, and implementing West Virginia’s program for homeland security. As HSA, the secretary is the principal point of contact between the State of West Virginia and the federal government with respect to homeland security issues. The HSA keeps the governor advised of all homeland security matters and is the main point of contact for the governor on these issues. 

Homeland Security 
State Administrative Agency (HS-SAA).
Within the Department of Homeland Security resides the State Administrative Agency. Its primary responsibility is planning and implementation of measures in direct support of homeland security; federally, regionally and locally. The SAA provides guidance, direction and coordination in mobilizing, organizing, and preparing the State of West Virginia for acts of terrorism and man-made or natural disasters.  The SAA develops and coordinates the implementation of a comprehensive state strategy and performs the functions necessary to carry out the mission.

Public Safety

Public Safety Divisions:  the State Police, the Division of Emergency Management,  the Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation, the Division of Protective Services, the Parole Board, the Office of the Fire Marshal and the Division of Administrative Services.

The public safety divisions residing within WVDHS have a mission to provide police, security, emergency management, adult correctional facilities and juvenile justice services to name a few.  A government’s primary responsibility is to ensure the safety and security of its citizens.  WVDHS agencies are responsible for providing such a safe environment.  A major component of this is the state’s ability to respond to natural and man-made disasters; a role that encompasses many of WVDHS' services.