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WV Capitol safety rules remain in effect for Friday, Saturday rallies


February 15, 2018

W.Va. Capitol safety rules remain in effect for Friday, Saturday rallies


CHARLESTON, W.Va. –To ensure the safety and security of the West Virginia Capitol Complex and all who work and visit here, the Capitol Police is reminding everyone of the relevant rules and procedures ahead of the activities expected Friday and Saturday.                

As always, anyone without an electronic card must enter the W.Va. Capitol through the Directed Public Access Points. They are located at the wheelchair-accessible entrances to the East and West Wings.

 Both access points will be open Friday, starting at 7:45 a.m. As the Legislature is not in session on Saturday, only the West Wing access point will be open that day, starting at 10 a.m.

 Electronic card holders are encouraged to use other entrances to aid the flow of visitors through the access points. Access cards will be revoked if they are used to allow others to enter the Capitol. Propping open building entrance doors is prohibited as well.

 Visitors should apply common sense and ensure they do not possess any prohibited items before they enter the Capitol Complex grounds. These items include:

Sticks, including those affixed to signs;
·         Dangerous weapons as defined by §61-6-19 and §61-7-2 of the West Virginia Code.
·         Capstun or pepper spray
·         Other items and materials if they appear to pose a risk to people or property.
·         Animals

 It is the responsibility of visitors to make sure they do not possess prohibited items before they seek to enter the State Capitol. Prohibited items will not be stored, confiscated or otherwise disposed of by access point personnel. Any visitor who refuses to submit to a screening will be denied access to the Capitol. The Capitol Police further reminds visitors that backpacks, coolers and bags brought on to the campus are subject to search.

 The Division of Protectives Services, also known as the Capitol Police, is part of the West Virginia Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety.

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