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Capitol Police Reunite Stranded Stranger With Family in Alabama


CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Officers with the Capitol Police played a big role in reuniting a stranded man with his family in Alabama after several days of ensuring his health and safety while in West Virginia. 

On October 5th, 2022, Capitol Police first made contact with the man as he was sleeping outside on Capitol grounds with his small dog. Officers learned that the man had been sleeping outdoors because he could not gain access to his funds to purchase an airline ticket home. Capitol police acted immediately to ensure that the man was fed, and arranged for temporary housing to keep him and his dog out of the dropping temperatures.  

The Capitol Police began to reach out to individuals in Alabama, where the man claimed residence, and finally made contact with the man's family members. His family was able to confirm all the facts ascertained up to that point. Family members also expressed concern and confusion about how the man ended up in West Virginia, but were thankful that he was in the care of the Capitol Police officers. 

Officers coordinated with the man's family to arrange housing and travel. Although the man traveled safely home and was reunited with his family, the dog was not able to travel, and is currently staying with a member of the Capitol Police. The dog will be transported to Alabama by Capitol Police in the near future so it can be reunited with its owner.

"I applaud these men for the kindness and compassion they showed to a perfect stranger," says Cabinet Secretary Jeff Sandy. "Police work is not always about catching the bad guys; instead, it is about helping those that do not have the means or ability to help themselves." 

Kevin Foreman, Director of Capitol Police, feels that the actions of the officers demonstrate the integrity of the Division of Protective Services. 

"The integrity shown by my guys was just another example of what I see them do everyday," say Foreman. "From helping someone navigate the capitol grounds to helping someone in need find their way home, these officers show their integrity and good character every day when they come to work."

October 21, 2022
Contact: Morgan M. Switzer
Deputy General Counsel/Communications Coordinator 
Morgan.M.Switzer@wv.gov, (304) 389-9043